We first started doing Pilates with Joanna to help my husband’s back. The classes are very structured and Joanna makes the varied exercises a lot of fun. I have personally found my core to be much improved and not only have the sessions helped an ongoing rib/back issue they have had a huge impact with stress relief.
I would 100% recommend Joanna for anyone wanting to do a Pilates class, she’s brilliant!
— L. Lawrence, Great Paxton (July 2019)
My husband and I are having the best time doing Pilates with Joanna. We are learning new techniques totally tailored to each of our specific needs, I have abdominal diastasis recti, (post babies) and my husband suffers with plantar fasciitis. Having the one-to-one support is making such a difference, compared to larger class environments as we both actually feel we are understanding what we are doing and we can just ask at any moment if we are unsure. After just 2 sessions, we are feeling the benefits already and would definitely recommend Joanna’s classes, and the fact she can come to our home means we can both join in and no need for childcare. Win Win!
— D. Freshwater, St. Neots (July 2019)
Over the past 12 years I’ve attended about four different sets of pilates classes with different instructors. It was sometimes frustrating but always beneficial. With added years, my needs weren’t being met in the larger classes. Having private sessions with JENPilates means focusing on my limitations and aspirations. Once I started doing daily sessions on my own at home, improvement was really encouraging. I love the stamina and flexibility plus the confidence that comes with improved balance. The focus on breathing is a real added benefit in terms of relaxation.
— G. Bull, St. Neots (July 2019)
Wow thank you thank you thank you Joanna for an absolutely amazing 1st experience of a 1:1 Pilates session this morning. If you are looking for a Pilates instructor who is highly qualified, experienced, friendly, creative, encouraging and patient then look no further as Joanna is all the above and more. I would highly recommend Joanna. Thank you so much. XxXx
— D. Walton, LT. Paxton (May 2019)
Such lovely private pilates classes with Jo. meant we could have the babies there in the comfort of a home setting. Jo’s classes are great and she corrects your positioning so you can get the absolute most out of an exercise (i have hated previous instructors who don’t do this) and is really encouraging. she also has lots and lots of knowledge and experience of postnatal bodies/fitness which we all really appreciate.
— K. Larman, Buckden (March 2019)
We are so glad we found Joanna as our first Pilates instructor. We are two friends, older ladies, who, as novices, and with a little trepidation, wanted to try Pilates. After reading enthusiastic reviews online of Joanna’s teaching we made contact, arranged a postural assessment and then settled on a course of six sessions. Joanna comes weekly to my house to work with the two of us.
We are now several months in and we don’t want to stop! Joanna’s mix of obvious professionalism, tailored planning, and her warm and friendly manner make the sessions varied, interesting and fun. She challenges us and it’s exciting to recognise our increased flexibility and better posture and balance. As one six week course ends, we sign up for the next!
Joanna is an excellent teacher who makes the experience challenging but so enjoyable.
— Pam and Carole, St. Neots (February 2019)
Had my 1st Pilates session last night. Joanna was lovely & professional. Enjoyed the session & would recommend.
I was a bit nervous as I have no core strength at all & not confident. within in two minutes , Joanna made me feel relaxed & more confident as the session went on.
— R. Bourke, St. Neots (February 2019)
I would thoroughly recommend JEN pilates. I contacted Joanna shortly before Christmas because of ongoing back problems for which I have been recommended to do pilates.
Joanna was very accommodating in fixing a series of private sessions at my home and we agreed that my husband, who also has back problems, would join the sessions as well. There was a thorough questionnaire before we began and she took some time to understand our goals, experience and issues.
We are both enjoying the sessions and feel that we are getting a lot from them.
— M. Hill, Toseland (January 2019)
Me and my mum have just finished the six week programme with JEN Pilates (about to start our next!). Joanna is very professional and listened to our different needs. I suffer with back pain from my job. Joanna has helped me strengthen my core and correct my posture which has really improved my back!! I am so pleased I started doing Pilates and can’t wait to start the second programme. I would highly recommend JEN Pilates to everyone.
— C. May, Gt Staughton (July 2018)
I am so pleased I joined Joanna’s class wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her Pilates classes to everyone. She is a welcoming and diligent teacher who really cares about each and every member of her classes. I appreciate the effort she puts in to planning the weekly sessions so that they are suitable for those students who want weekly progression, but also for those who are new to the class. It is wonderful to hear about the CPD she attends, growing as a teacher and practitioner and passing that enthusiasm and knowledge onto her students. As someone who has practised Pilates for some time now it is refreshing to find variation and new exercises to try; the routines never become stale. I feel amazing, my post-partum body is growing strong and visibly toned and I can feel the health benefits throughout my day to day life. I only wish I could attend more than once a week. I used to be all about yoga but I absolutely LOVE Pilates. Thank you Joanna, you truly are an exceptional teacher.
— S. Hall, Little Paxton (June 2018)
Awesome Pilates teacher, throughly enjoyed my sessions. Great impact free but tough work out, improved my strength and flexibility.
— B. O'Boyle, St Neots (FEBRUARY 2018)
Really enjoyed my Pilates class with Jo. She is an excellent teacher and explained everything really well. Highly recommended.
— E. Campbell, Huntingdon (FEBRUARY 2018)

My husband and myself have been having private Pilates sessions with Joanna for about two months. We are so grateful to Joanna for the difference this has made to our lives. We are both in our late sixties and have been struggling with various physical challenges, mainly back related, and the work we have done in our Pilates lessons have transformed how we manage these. We are both stronger, better balanced and with better posture as a result. Joanna has tailored the sessions to our particular needs and taught us with infinite patience and compassion. I can 100% recommend Joanna, she’s brilliant!
— C. Gillinder, Kimbolton (November 2018)
Having attended Pilates classes for a while now I was very frustrated to be missing my normal class as I’ve fractured my ankle, so I asked Joanna to come to my house to do a private session and show me what exercises I can still do without putting weight on my bad ankle. She planned an excellent session, I could feel my muscles working, it was a full body workout (excluding ankles) she was quick to correct my posture when I forgot to hold neutral spine in a seated position and ensured I did all the exercises with precision. I can highly recommend JEN Pilates private sessions, great value for money for the expertise she has to tailor a session specifically for your needs.
— L. Daffern, Lt Paxton (July 2018)
Had a one to one session this week, which really helped me to progress and focus on my posture and control my movements.

I definitely recommend JEN Pilates, very efficient, very effective, and enjoyable too!
— SJ, St Neots (APRIL 2018)
Joanna takes the time to understand different requirements and makes the Pilates experience an enjoyable one. Really enjoyed my first experience of chair Pilates. Would recommend it for everyone. Thank you.
— J. Martin, Little Paxton (MARCH 2018)
Joanna is an excellent teacher and has found muscles in me that I didn’t know I had. It has improved my back pain so much. I really feel so much better after a session and look forward to the next week. She is patient and sympathetic if you have any issues.
— J. Breed, Lt Paxton (October 2018)
Jo is an excellent Pilates teacher. Patient but also pushes you to try new things. I have better balance after only a couple of months.
— K. Blagden, Lt Paxton (October 2018)
My husband and I have just completed our first six week programme at home and about to start our second. Joanna has been able to manage our different abilities and challenge us both at the same time. It’s been fun and tough! Both of us find ourselves doing Pilates in queues, when we have a spare ten minutes and when we’ve got aches and pains. It has without doubt helped me enormously with arthritic pain, I have certainly reduced reliance on pain medication. Highly recommended and I am looking forward to the next programme... Just watch out for the 100 and the centimetre - they are not fun but we are determined to conquer them!
— S. Hughes, St. Neots (June 2018)
I contacted Joanna following the birth of my second child as I was suffering from agonising lower back and hip pain. The 1-1 sessions are done at my house, which takes the stress out of finding childcare. The pain is far more manageable now and recovery from a flare up is quicker. Joanna’s personalised routine is varied and just the right amount of challenge. As my strength improves, the exercises are adapted. I would recommend JEN Pilates to everyone and give Joanna a big thumbs up!
— A. Prosho, Blunham (May 2018)