GUEST POST 1: Katrina Hyland Head of K Fit: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY

So, this is the first in my mini-series of guest posts written by those in the fitness industry, or complementary industries. Pilates principles can be taken through and applied to so many things, whether it be exercise or daily living, so I’m really pleased I can bring you these words of wisdom from some great and talented people.

Thank you so much to Katrina, Head of K Fit in St Neots, who’s discussing getting the most out of a workout by choosing the right levels for you. (Follow her on Facebook or instagram.)


Katrina Hyland

“Exercise should be enjoyable, effective, and available to all!”

I’ve been inspired to write this after a lady in my class this morning told me this;

‘I’ve been doing Pilates on and off for years, but being in your class for the last 5 weeks I’ve learnt how much I’ve been doing wrong, and now I can work to correct it.’

(She also told me I sound like I know what I’m on about - phew!!) 

It made me think about how much you need to listen to your body in a workout. 

  • Are you feeling it in the right muscle group? (and if you’re not sure, ask your instructor)

  • Are you exercising at the right level for your current ability? 

Your choice of level in an exercise is a really important factor. I can appreciate that when given 2 or 3 levels to choose from in an exercise, it can be tempting to pick the hardest one. This is how I recommend you choose your exercise level;

  1. Check your technique! Starting in a lower level and making sure your movements are correct and on form is the best way to begin a new exercise. 

  2. Does it challenge you? Once you’re happy that your technique is good (and always get your instructor to check - that’s what we’re here for!), see if that current level is challenging enough. As long as your technique is still good in a higher level it might be time to move up. 

  3. Listen to your body!! Are you feeling it in the right muscles? Do you build to a nice burn? Are other areas of your body feeling ok while you work this area? 

In this morning’s instance, my client had told me that she’s felt abdominal exercises in her hip flexors. In lowering the level of the exercise, she was able to switch her hip flexors off and get her tummy muscles to switch on - and enjoy the burn!!  

I like to always remind my clients that those higher levels will ALWAYS be there, and you don’t need to do the toughest choices from day one. A strong fitness journey is a long one (and it’s very very worth it ;-) ). 

Have a happy workout!!