A week in the life of a Pilates instructor

So… this week has been super busy. By no stretch of the imagination am I complaining about this, I love the variety of sessions, people and Pilates that I get to do throughout the week.

My week started with a full-on day of exercises at a Fitness Fiesta day out with a friend…. 5 hours of workouts including Spin, Step, Trigger-point Pilates and Barre Strength. Loved it so much, but was a touch tired by the end of the day I can tell you!

Sunday morning, bright, early (and a little tiny bit achy), I was lucky enough to get some photos taken at an amazing restaurant location in St Neots; Bohemia. using a great local photographer, Michael Tuck, of Mat Images and having the assistance of Katrina from K Fit (who I also do some of my group class sessions through). We took some great pictures that I’ve already started to use on the site and on my social pages. I’m not the most natural of models, so I think to even get a few pictures was amazing and I’m super pleased with the results. Check them out!

The rest of the week has been a great variety of Mat Pilates classes in St Neots, Colmworth and Little Paxton (day time and evening sessions), working at the Physiotherapy centre where I do smaller group classes. Private sessions with my lovely regulars (and a few new ones too!) all over the St Neots, Cambridgeshire area, working on postural issues, back pain, and general strength and core conditioning. Post-natal Pilates private sessions with some lovely ladies and their adorable little ones. Chair Pilates classes and private Chair Pilates sessions too, great for those less able to get down and up off the floor but definitely not for the faint hearted (it’s trickier than it looks!). I’ve used bands, blocks, balls, foam-rollers and magic-circles and not in the least and not forgetting body weight as resistance. And, whilst I’m still of the mind that props aren’t the best all the time, they do help combat some of the individual issues and needs my clients have, so I have definitely softened my stance in a smaller, more personal environment where positioning and engagement can be closely monitored.

It’s Friday night, I’m ready for a relax, a bath and maybe a cheeky glass of wine. Have a great weekend everyone!

Joanna Nicholls