September is the new January... make those exercise resolutions now!

JEN Pilates St Neots September new January

So... the kids have gone back to school? (Well, almost .... mine are going in a couple of days.)

The summer is (nearly) over (booooo) BUT you now feel like you might have enough time and headspace and could get back in, or even start, to exercise. Take some time for yourself out of an otherwise undoubtedly busy day and make that change. (and this article agrees with me!)

Pilates is a great option for those of you wanting to try something new for the Autumnal months, kick-starting your metabolism, getting you back in to a routine of exercise behaviours, plus (and as per my post about how Pilates helps your other sporting passions) it can help you achieve those other goals in your life you've been wanting to get to. Private Pilates (or smaller Pilates classes) are a great way to introduce yourself to the practice, or hone existing skills.

Why choose Pilates? And what is my core?! 

Pilates emphasises engagement of your core to support your spine and create stability through the trunk, allowing your other muscles, joints, limbs to work more efficiently. 

Your core muscles are the deepest layer of lower abdominal muscles – including your abdominal muscles, back muscles and the muscles around the pelvis, the main ones being your pelvic floor and transverse abdominis, and lower back muscles closest to your spine. These are our local muscles - they stabilise our body and hold us in the correct position. By doing this, they allow the global (moving muscles) to work harder and better, with less pain, no damage and more flexibility and strength.

Because we focus on your core, Pilates exercises are also designed to improve posture and correct imbalances throughout your body.  We can strengthen the weaker or longer muscles, stretch shorter muscles, and release tighter ones.

Nothing is ever done quickly in Mat Pilates (well it shouldn't be)... it's all about the 6 key principles: CenteringConcentrationControlPrecisionBreath, and Flow. By working on these areas we can really think about what we are doing and perfect positions, movements and exercises. Even standing still taking a breath is an exercise when done correctly. 

Anyone can do Pilates, from young to mature, male, female, pre-natal or post-natal, fit or unfit, novice to expert and we can all learn and grow in our practice. 

If you want to find out more about private Pilates sessions with me in and around the St Neots area then just drop me a message.