Mat-based Pilates 

St Neots • Cambridgeshire

1:1 private tuition • pre-natal Pilates • post-natal Pilates

• Pilates for rehabilitation • Pilates for posture • Pilates for strength and mobility

• workplace Pilates • chair Pilates

Level 3 qualified Mat Pilates Instructor



Private Pilates in St Neots

Private pilates sessions

If you're looking to start your Pilates journey, have postural issues you want to address, injuries you want to help heal, or just want to be more mindful about your fitness and wellbeing in general, Private 1:1 Pilates sessions in your own home are a great choice and are tailored to suit your specific and individual needs...

Pre-natal Pilates 

The time in the lead-up to having your baby is a special time. Your body changes, and so do you, as you prepare for your new arrival. This doesn't mean you can't  continue, or even start, your Pilates journey.  With expert tuition and guidance, private Pilates is perfect for conditioning your body in a safe and managed way....

Post-natal pilates

Having a baby means lots of changes. Post-natal Pilates helps you manage some of those and gives you some much needed time to focus on you. Getting your health and wellbeing back to where you want it is important, and having specialist care and attention of private sessions ensures you're working safely toward that goal... 


“Every moment of our life can be the
beginning of great things.”

- Joseph Pilates


Workplace Pilates in St Neots

On-site Pilates sessions for your office or workplace. Great as a team-building exercise or a regular thing. Pilates is an amazing benefit to offer your staff; not only does it boost morale, wellbeing and general fitness levels of your teams, it will also increase productivity. Win-win!